Friday, March 1, 2019

Poetry Friday: Mask Poems (or How to Hide Behind Everyday Objects)

The challenge this month (courtesy of Laura Purdie Salas) was to compose a mask poem from the point of view of an everyday object. After briefly reading about mask poems, and discovering they have almost no rules (yay!) I chose to be inspired by an everyday book I keep on my desk.  


I’m an open book,
an orderly muse;
I’m easy to dip into 
rifle  peruse

Need style? I’ve got
svelte   hip   rad
Lack range? Go ahead: 
roam  wander  gad 

Need an RSVP? Choose
overwhelmed  busy  engaged
Feeling mad? Upgrade to
furious  irate  enraged

Am I rich? Hardly.
Not a bit; in a word: no.
But if you're at a loss,
I’m overflowing with bon mot

I’m a depository, a nest egg,
A dragon’s lair of words;
A treasure house for all:
seekers writers nerds.

---Sara Lewis Holmes (all rights reserved)


I was reminded of the richness of my thesaurus not only because it's on my desk in easy view, but because I recently discovered a delightful picture book biography of Dr. Peter Roget. From it, I learned that Thesaurus means "treasure house" in Greek.  Find it if you can.

The Right Word
 by Jen  Bryant,
 illustrated by Melissa Sweet

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