Friday, August 28, 2020

Poetry Friday: Full Circle

Today marks the end of my husband's service in the Air Force---thirty-nine years to the day he was commissioned.  And, by luck, we're back in the place where our married life began, thirty-six years ago, at Langley Air Force Base.  Today's poetry challenge was to re-visit an old poem, and this one from March 2009 seems most fitting.  

I do, and always will. 

Annus Mirabilis*

how close is

the edge where we gasp 

at the wondrous view

to the place where 

addicted to gravity

we fall, and fall, and fall

the attraction is mutual

the disasters are many,

the wonders placed as knots

on a rope. Hand over hand,

the shape of each day

fitting to our palms,

rough and knobby,

we pull our hearts,

tough as burnt sugar

out of the blackened scrape

we’ve gotten ourselves in;

each year a spin

around the sun, nothing

but a dust trail, an annulus,

a common ring, a promise

for years to come

and years past

and this year,

to make full circles

from disasters and wonders,

to hold each miracle 

as we fall.

                ----Sara Lewis Holmes  (all rights reserved) 

* Annus Mirabilis:  a year of disasters or miracles. In other words, any year in which love exists. 

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