Friday, June 26, 2020

Poetry Friday: A Susurrus of Heated Talk

For June, we were challenged to write a poem using "susurrus" or to an image of thick woods. I started off writing about how "thick" June's heat is, but thankfully, veered into garden's bounty instead.  I think my mind is on my neighbor's tomatoes...and will be until she delivers one, a perfect rosy gift, to my door. At least, I hope she does. Please, please.

Small talk

In June, we hum in heated talk
of glossy egg-bright
squash and lime green
earbobs of beans, we barter
blackohmyberries, foretell 
first cobcrack of corn, whisper 
endlessly of that soandsomuch
who promises soonwillbe tomatoes,
murmur peachescomingnext,
and on and on, a susurrus
of morethanenough; a promise
to be together into the long days.

                     ---Sara Lewis Holmes (all rights reserved)

My fellow poets are whispering and humming here:


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