Friday, May 27, 2022

Poetry Friday: String, Thread, Rope, Chain

Photo taken at the Renwick Gallery, Washington D.C.
Exhibit:  This Present Moment, Crafting a Better World

May's challenge was to write a poem using the words string, thread, rope and/or chain.  I struggled with this one. For starters, I couldn't make our monthly ZOOM session, and found out how much I need that push to get going.  Frankly,  a LOT of  us missed this month's session---too much going on.  And then I cast about for any excuse not to begin: Time was running short. I should work on my novel. No one else was going to make it either, right? 

But...then Tanita said she was posting on Friday. I couldn't let her post alone. So... I just let the words take me where they took me.  Today's post is by grace.  

String, Thread, Rope, Chain

I think of elephants, 
knotted trunk and tail
a string of calves and mothers, 
no one lost

I think of bobbins,
wound tight with promise
of seams and hems and darts
no undone thread

I think of water,
shining in the shadowed well,
roped to light by gentle bucket,
no splintered days

I think of paper,
turned on small fingers,
looped, linked, chained to
no finite end

I think of all
that binds, yet earth
again is broken to hold
those we hold
no more

        ----Sara Lewis Holmes (all rights reserved) 

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