Friday, June 26, 2020

Poetry Friday: A Susurrus of Heated Talk

For June, we were challenged to write a poem using "susurrus" or to an image of thick woods. I started off writing about how "thick" June's heat is, but thankfully, veered into garden's bounty instead.  I think my mind is on my neighbor's tomatoes...and will be until she delivers one, a perfect rosy gift, to my door. At least, I hope she does. Please, please.

Small talk

In June, we hum in heated talk
of glossy egg-bright
squash and lime green
earbobs of beans, we barter
blackohmyberries, foretell 
first cobcrack of corn, whisper 
endlessly of that soandsomuch
who promises soonwillbe tomatoes,
murmur peachescomingnext,
and on and on, a susurrus
of morethanenough; a promise
to be together into the long days.

                     ---Sara Lewis Holmes (all rights reserved)

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Friday, May 29, 2020

Poetry Friday: If Digitopolis had a Chapel

May's "hindsight" challenge seemed simple:  pick one of your old poems to revise and/or write a new poem in conversation with it.

Turns out, that wasn't enough guidance for me.  I had glimmers of ideas, but nothing that developed a real shine. (I apparently also caught a case of the extended metaphor.)  In any case, I decided to go back and attempt a Poetry Sisters challenge I missed. There weren't many, but in our ekphrastic (image-inspired) posts, we were often given more than one piece of art or photo to respond to.  Could I write to one I'd passed over the first time?

I could. In January of last year, Tricia shared images from an art show in Richmond, and I wrote an alphabetically themed poem to some cool type fonts.  In the interest of fairness to the Math Kingdom, today I've chosen one of the other images, "Color Equation," and written a numerically themed poem for it. (Pretty sure this idea of two kingdoms has been with me since I read the Phantom Tollbooth as a kid. But the poem decided to go deeper, so I followed it.)  

Oh, and the "square" form of the dizain we tried in May last year seemed perfect to use here so I re-visited that challenge too (ten lines of ten syllables, rhymed ababbccdcd.)

Color Equation 2 
by Janine Wong (American, born 1956), 
2017 monoprint with etching, aquatint,
 chine collĂ© and hand-sewing on paper

All things being equal 

If Digitopolis had a chapel,
math icons—color equations, in fact,
might glow from windows, and squarely dapple
parallel pews with the light they subtract
from stained glass, and add to the unsung acts
of the Apostles of Arithmetic—
who counter division with deeds that quick-
en the dead, and insist, true as the sun:
Peace requires deep math, most poetic:
one life must equal one life, all one.

                  ----Sara Lewis Holmes (all rights reserved) 

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SPECIAL INVITATION:  Poetry Friends who have seen our Poetry Princesses/Poetry Sisters/Poetry 7 posts for many years -- After more than a decade of writing together and several years of monthly assignments, we wondered if any of you might like to play along?

Here's what we propose: Once we agree to our poetic prompts and calendar, we'll share them with you and invite you to write and share, too. We'll remind you once a month or so (via our various social media megaphones) and you're welcome to tag us (or not) when you post.

Now, to that end, here's what's cooking for June, posting on the last Friday of the month: theme is susurrus, or an image of thick woods, whatever form we wish! Join us?

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Friday, April 24, 2020

Poetry Friday: The Skinny

April's challenge was to re-visit the *Skinny  (a poetic form I skipped last June when the Poetry Sisters first tried it.)  The rules are:

1) eleven lines
2) second, sixth, and tenth lines are identical.
3)  all lines are one word, except the first and last, which may be longer, but must use the same words (rearranging is permitted.)

Our theme was supposed to be Spring, foresight, or looking ahead (since we've been alternating with hindsight, or looking back). At the moment, prophecy seems foolish.  I stuck with the now.  

And then...because I couldn't pass up the chance to tease April,  just a little...I wrote another, more Spring-themed one. I took my inspiration from the fact that my entire family (even the dog, when we had one) celebrate April birthdays...and so do many, many of my poetry friends.  It's kind of an Everything month. 

If you'd like to try a skinny, here's the handy outline Andi supplied for us:


2 *




6 *




10 *


* The Skinny was created by Truth Thomas in the Tony Medina Poetry Workshop at Howard University in 2005.

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