Monday, June 22, 2009

In which you see why I've always coveted my sister's hair

My sister was visiting . . .

. . . so of course we had to dig through old photos.  For your amusement:

Notice my Frankenstein hair.

Now my hair's been licked by a cat. 

Again with the sprout hair. 

I get smart and don a hat.
 But her bangs look better. 


  1. :D You were punk before punk was cool! ADORABLE, both of you. Thanks for the smile this morning.

  2. Jama's right. Punk rock star.

    You're both babes now -- and both with great hair.

    I covet ANY head of hair that doesn't look like a grease pit if not washed daily.

  3. It's BODY, darlink. Body. Yours just goes in new directions...

  4. Oh, look at you two when you were small! And look at you now--you look a lot alike. And I love that dress, although I note that the shoes are not visible in that particular photo. I do believe that dress wants sandals, but maybe you had another idea.

  5. Oh, yes, adrienne---cute sandals were definitely called for. I found a great jeweled pair at J. Crew. Since the dress is so plain, I could get away with bling on my feet.

    I'm profound today, aren't I?

  6. When I dropped my youngest off in the carpool line in nursery school, her teacher looked in the car and said," Look! It's Syd Vicous!"

    We were thankful when the mohawk fell out and a crop of curly blond hair filled in.


  7. Jeweled sandals. Imagine me contentedly sighing at the thought.

  8. I have a picture of me wearing that exact coat. I'll have to see if I can dig it up. Unbelieveable that both our mothers could have chosen it, eh?

  9. Really, Donna?? Now you HAVE TO find that picture! Maybe it was the "it" coat of 1966.


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