Wednesday, November 18, 2009

National Press Club Book Fair and Authors Night

A young reader

Signing with fellow authors Katherine Marsh (The Night Tourist)

Author Laura Krauss Melmed in the foreground, the always busy Judy Schachner beside her, me, and author Tami Lewis Brown (on the other side of the table, in red)

Skippyjon Jones!

Yes, Judy signed each book this, she was gracious and funny. Also, she kept sending her long line of customers my way, telling them that OPERATION YES was great. (Thanks, Judy! Thanks, Skippyjon!)

Oh, so nice, both of them. We practiced our "elevator pitches" on each other. Maggie signed a copy of Shiver to me with the inscription "Operation Wolf," which made me laugh. Plus, I learned that Katherine has written for Rolling Stone Magazine. (Go, Kate!)

Gwen Ifill, being interviewed

Massive crowds

What? You want more? I have revisions to finish!

Okay, one funny story: I saw someone I recognized, and my brain instantly categorized her face as: friend, good friend, she must be 'cause you see her a lot, you must know her, you .... oh. Wait. You only know her from TV. That's Leslie Sanchez, political analyst on CNN.

Good thing I didn't follow my first impulse, which was to beam at her and say hey! what are you doing here?


  1. Oh, this looks like SO MUCH FUN.
    (Theoretically, I mean. In reality, my head would be spinning.)

  2. I am sorry I couldn't be there to see all the fun. This sounds like a wonderful event. Thanks for giving me such a great taste of the experience. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos! It looks like a fantastic event.

  4. As a first time author I really need to find friends like you, I love your upbeat blog! Let me know if ever a fun event like this happens in Connecticut, New York area...I would love to go.
    Have fun,
    Mike Keller


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