Thursday, January 28, 2010

Early Poetry Friday: That's Right

I'm going to TEXAS!

Yup. I'm off to speak with my editor, Cheryl Klein, at the Austin SCBWI Destination Publication Conference; visit with my Poetry Sister, Liz Scanlon; check out the city of Austin (my first visit ever); and see if Texas barbecue is as yummy as North Carolina's (doubtful.)

And yes, I am packing my boots.

So, of course, today's Poetry Friday offering is from songwriter Lyle Lovett, who assures me that it's okay if my boots are more urban than cowgirl.

Lyle Lovett

That's Right

You say you're not from Texas
Man as if I couldn't tell
You think you pull your boots on right
And wear your hat so well

So pardon me my laughter
'Cause I sure do understand
Even Moses got excited
When he saw the promised land

That's right you're not from Texas
That's right you're not from Texas
That's right you're not from Texas
But Texas wants you anyway

Full lyrics here

Here's a video of Lyle playing an early version of the song in Austin. I love it because it's obvious the audience hasn't heard it a million times, and Lyle draws every last ounce of juice from the song, leading them along to the big-hearted chorus.

P.S. It's not too late to leave your comments in my post about Mythbusting the author/editor relationship. Cheryl and I will be having this discussion on Saturday, so share your thoughts and join the conversation.

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  1. As you probably know, I love. this. post.

    So many things I want to exclaim right now: HAVE FUN! And LIZ! Oh wouldn't I want to be in the room with you two and soak up the sunshine and good conversation and all-around brilliance when you're together.

  2. Thanks, Jules! I wish you could be in the room with us too and we could all talk art and poetry and Bird by Bird and other kicky stuff.

  3. Have fun in Austin (I live there now, actually! Wish I could see you while you're here!)! Make sure you check out BookPeople while you're here and get some brisket (Rudy's if you can manage it!).

  4. I hope you and Liz have a great time, Sara! And thanks for the old Lyle link--anyone who figures out that flyswatter rhymes with ice water is a poet in my book. Love him. :-)

  5. Oooooooh! Have fun! And do hug Liz for all of us princesses!

  6. What a grand weekend! Enjoy. Wish I could be there, but I *know* I don't have the right boots.

  7. Can't begin to imagine the awesome fun you're going to have this weekend. Big Poetry Princess Party!! Meeting Cheryl! Wow.

    Love the Lyle song, so perfect. You know, I think his hair has something to do with his musical genius.

  8. Your poem is so perfect! Have fun visiting and wearing those boots.A girl gotta have her fun.

  9. I'm POSITIVE that you are having a fun, fun, FUN weekend! Enjoy!

    (and thanks for the Lyle're turning me into a fan one song at a time!)

  10. I was all set to say "That's right you're not from Texas, Texas wants you anyway" as soon as I saw "boots" and "Texas" - and then I read your post. Ha!

    Hope you had fun. And see/saw Liz. And/or see-saw with Liz.

  11. haha I totally love this one!! Gooo Texas!! So happy!:P xo


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