Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A TeRIFfic Visit to Reading is Fundamental: Part One

On Monday, I was privileged to visit the offices of Reading is Fundamental. On their website, RIF is described as "the nation's largest children's literary organization," but that doesn't begin to convey how exciting it was to tour the office of RIF's CEO, the delightful Carol Rasco, or to speak with her dedicated staff about Operation Yes and military families. 

You can get a flavor of the visit by savoring this:

A LGM cupcake! With sprinkles!

This is me and Carol Rasco, in her book-jammed office.
 I could've poked about her shelves for hours. 
She also blogs, if you haven't found her posts at Rasco from RIF yet. 
(And she tweets, which is how we "met" for the first time.)

The Miss Frizzle doll caught my eye. Our family was (and is) crazy about Miss Frizzle and the Magic Schoolbus books. (I think "the Friz" might be the reason my kids are both studying science in college.) But look closely and you'll see another Miss Frizzle in the framed photograph. That's Carol Rasco! 

More of Carol's incredible bookshelves

Artwork from kids

A character tree on Carol's desk

The view (and more books!)

"How will this decision affect children?" 
How would the world be different if EVERYONE had this slogan up in their office?

Recognize some favorites?

Carol is sending more pictures from my talk with her staff, and then I'll blog that as well. More soon!


  1. So fun to share vicariously in this visit. Thanks for sharing, Sara! I wish I could have been there with you and Carol. Love the pictures.

  2. Oh Arthur...Brings back so many memories...I remember having to wake up up at 6:30am every day to get ready for school. Arthur would always be on around that time and I'd watch each episode with a bowl of cereal to wake myself up. I'm so glad it's still around (even if it's just re-runs) =)

  3. oooh, indeed! I mean, RIF!!! And you got to meet Carol! So glad you had a special visit.

  4. I have obviously got to spruce up my bookshelves.


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