Sunday, August 1, 2010

Freak out

SCBWI L.A bulletin: Yesterday I met and spoke to Jon Scieszka. Author of The Stinky Cheese Man. Star of the fabulous autobiography Knucklehead. Former children's literature ambassador and champion of Guys Read. Smartest troublemaker I know.

Turns out he's read Operation Yes.

Freak out.

Can you see the little green army man? His bazooka is being gallantly aimed away from my face by Jon.


  1. HOORAY! I'm so psyched he read OPERATION YES! Love that photo, too!

    Apropos of nothing, my verification word is "goatess" - is that a female goat? Who can say?

  2. why the freak that the former ambassador read your book. of COURSE her read your book! the man recommends quality books for boys.

    that said, if mr. s ever read one of my books, and i got to meet him in person, i'd freak as well.

  3. Donna Koppelman8/2/10, 8:20 AM

    You're living the dream! Very cool, and thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh, Sara, the funniest thing is I can just hear you saying the words: "Freak out"."

    HOW awesome.

  5. Hooray! Love that Mr. Former Ambassador!


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