Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Clear Thinking about Mixed Feelings": A Guest Post at Teachers Write

I'm guest posting about poetry and inspiration at Kate Messner's fabulous virtual writing camp, Teachers Write, today.

You may recognize some of the themes I talk about (and even the actual words!) as drawn from this blog---but then, I see this blog as a kind of notebook in which to gather my thoughts for both now and later.  It turns out there is a cumulative effect of reading, writing, and believing. 

 Come join me!


  1. Nice post, Sara. I was unaware of Claudia Tennyson, and now I kind of love her.

    And someone who doesn't believe in walled gardens. There's a story there, I think.

    1. Yeah, I had a picture of her work, but the post was taken down. My friend, Cass, found this other awesome picture of a vessel repaired with gold. I want to post it but I'm trying to track down permissions...

      She's doing some other interesting work now, too. If you google her, you might find it. She's filling a house with re-made things.


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