Friday, January 2, 2015

Antidote: A Triolet for the New Year

The antidote to fear is honeyed in devotion
delivered deep, a draught of slow and barmy mead.
Else we dry to salt, fleeing night-depths of the ocean;
The antidote to fear is honeyed in devotion 

Why pillory our hearts, why gulp the unguent potion?
Why frack our veins to stir up courage quickly dead?
The antidote to fear is honey-slow devotion;
Yes, poetry, delivered deep, a draught of barmy mead.

This poem would not have been possible without the encouragement of the rest of the Poetry Seven:  Liz, Andi, Kelly, Laura, Tricia, and TanitaEach of these poets has a triolet posted today, so go and drink deeply.  

For more about triolets, see here.   For more about the Poetry Seven, read about our first gig together on this April day in 2008.

Poetry Friday is hosted today by one of the Poetry Seven, the amazing Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect 


  1. Years ago I wrote out your January poem. Love your work!

  2. I love the mix of anxiety-provoking words and luxurious words here, Sara. SUCH a gorgeous poem. THank you for this barmy mead:>)

  3. The antidote to fear....
    Oh, Sara. I love this so.
    And I'm really looking forward to this year of writing poetry together... xxxooo

  4. I am really not certain I would like mead if I tried it, but your poem makes it seem awfully appealing. Love the richness of this poem.

  5. I love honey-slow devotion. Even more, I love that this is broken into two four-line stanzas. I absolutely love that despite the rigid form you made this work so gracefully. Brava!

  6. "The antidote to fear is honey-slow devotion;"

    This line is going on my mirror, to steady me through whatever storms appear in this new year. And, I'm getting a shelf of honey to coax me through the ups and downs of writing all the coming poetic forms! Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration!

  7. As I often say, if we tattooed anything on ourselves, it might best be some of your poetry. That line that Andi likes, I love as well. Love is greater than fear. Always. I adore this one.

  8. "Fleeing night-depths of the ocean," Your poem feels slow and deep.

  9. It's so good to have your voice back for Poetry Friday! I've missed you!

    What a fabulous goal you princesses have set for yourselves...and lucky us to be able to come along for the ride!


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