Friday, September 4, 2015

Poetry Friday: Wiseguy (A Found Poem)

Athlete of cross work

Lover of up-and-down

Word wonder 2 briefly

Not Done

My source for this found poem was Merl Reagle's last crossword for the Washington Post. I solved it with a heavy heart:

Read the Post's nicely done obituary. And don't miss the movie they mention, Word Play.  Bonus points if you can find the Simpsons episode Reagle starred in, as himself. 

All of my Poetry Sisters are in with Found Poetry today, too. Maybe we should call ourselves the Salvage Sisters this month:

Poetry Friday is hosted today by Linda at Teacher Dance.


  1. That was an incredible piece! Good "finding"!

  2. Oh, what a tribute. This should be the eulogy for him, honestly. I hope you share this widely, Sara. Surely his loved ones would absolutely love this...That "athlete of cross work" is my favorite bit!

  3. Man, Sara. I love this so much I want him to see it, too.
    Also, I love to know that someone else does crosswords and actually has "makers" she likes; my Uncle Phil used to do the NYT crossword in ink... all hail the crossword people!

  4. Like Laura above, I hope you will share this with the Post, Sara. It's a wonderful tribute. I didn't know him, but enjoyed reading the obituary too. His fans would love your poem.

  5. Or send it to Will Shortz at NPR--he featured his "old pal Merle Reagle" on many Sunday puzzles.

  6. I'm a Will Shortz fan myself, in large part because I've been a Times reader forever and only recently started reading the Washington Post.

    I love how organic this feels. I didn't get this feeling when I worked on mine because I did it on the computer. I think I might like this exercise better if I could, in fact, highlight, circle, and black out.

    This is a really lovely tribute. You've done Merle proud.

  7. That is a wonderful, fitting tribute. I always loved his puzzles. And I like your poem!

  8. An amazing tribute, and an amazing poem!

  9. Very clever - and appropriate too. A wonderful tribute.


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