Friday, July 5, 2019

Poetry Friday: A Triolet for the Heat

Triolets began as devotionals.  So for July's poetry challenge, I looked to my prayers (and to heat, as Liz suggested) for my inspiration.

Please don't summon the demon

Oh, mercy, I prayed for these days
Summer-long, blood-hot, even in shade;
When winter leeched me to pale beige,
Oh, mercy! I prayed for these days:
For gnats, for sweat, for turned mayonnaise,
For blighted tomatoes, burned legs, soured lemonade.
Oh, mercy. I prayed for these days.
Summer-long, blood-hot, even in shade...

----Sara Lewis Holmes (all rights reserved)

More heated triolets can be found here:


Poetry Friday is hosted today by our own Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect. 


  1. Ha! Those blighted tomatoes....check! I love the tone of this. Those words, "oh, mercy!" really do the trick. I am off to check on how the devotional connects. Thanks for the link.

  2. Love this poem and like Linda, especially, Oh, mercy! I prayed for these days. With the hot weather here, your poem feels universal.

  3. This is so perfect, Sara. That turned mayonnaise!
    Your details are Spot On!

  4. I pray to avoid those days! But I love the details..." For gnats, for sweat, for turned mayonnaise,
    For blighted tomatoes, burned legs, soured lemonade." Fantastic and evocative!

  5. When it's snowing or flooding we're all guilty of this prayer... we've ALL summoned the demon, one way or another. I love this - and I have to laugh because where else but at Sara's blog do we get poetry about turned mayo???

  6. I think I am friends with that demon of turned mayonnaise and (more often) fizzed lemonade...I pray for these days and then I'm happy as hell when they arrive! This one sounds like an incantation...

  7. Good reminder to be careful what you wish and pray for!

  8. I'm really enjoying these triolets by you and your poetry sisters!

  9. Hmm, the ups are there, but the downs, ugh! I did laugh over "When winter leeched me to pale beige"


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