Friday, October 30, 2020

Poetry Friday: The Naani

The naani is a poem of four lines and 20-25 syllables, whose subject is often (but not always) the first line.
It was created (according to this post) by "one of India’s foremost poets, Dr. N Gopi."  

Like most of us, I had never written one. Or even read one. So I embraced beginner mind.  No expectations. No comparisons. Nothing but listening to what might arise in the quiet. 

Our theme was fall, or foresight, or both.

Autumn is blaze and decay;
A shuddering blow of the horn;
Split fruit; one tree stark,
One still singing. 

                         -----Sara Lewis Holmes (all rights reserved)

My poetry sisters naani are here:


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  1. Why does this make me cry, Sara? Is the horn, or the leaves falling? There is just some sort of poignancy to this that really gets to me. Thank you. I love it...

  2. Wow, so much drama and the stillness of one captured moment. I especially love the unexpected horn.

  3. Ohhhh. One tree stark, one still singing. That... just... wow.
    You can make this beginner mind thing REALLY work. I bow to your expertise!

  4. I too love that "One tree stark, one still singing", Sara. I was watching one of the trees near me on a recent windy day, wondering why its leaves were letting go as others stayed? So, I researched it & it has to do with the species as we all probably guess but also the amount of sunlight it gets which makes it stronger. Sunny days do make us feel happier I think. Thanks for your lovely naani observation!

  5. I'm going to ditto what Tanita said. I adore "One tree stark, one still singing." May we all remain singing.

  6. Such crisp images in this naani. I love the split fruit and the one tree still singing.

  7. I saw, "Wow", also. The contrast in the first line sets up the poem. Great perspective!

  8. So good! I've enjoyed reading all of these poems in a form I'd never even heard of!

  9. Blaze and decay...such truth!


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