Friday, February 26, 2021

Poetry Friday: Happiness is a Spoon


February's challenge was to write a poem inspired by a roll of the metaphor dice.  After several duds, I rolled "Happiness is a Spoon" and although I don't use that metaphor in my poem, it's inspired by that...and my mother-in-law's spoon drawer. She follows our group efforts on Facebook and is in hospice care as we sit with her today. She can't eat much, so people are feeding her with music. I'm not a singer, but she loves poetry, too, and especially rhyme, so this Poetry Friday is for her.  



Never play with knives, 

but spoons? A way to slap 

knees to music tunes or waste 

an afternoon; soon cards 

are strewn, time as jammy

as a day in June, until noon

by noon by noon, time is

upside-down too soon.

Come let us open then

the drawer of spoons,

stem by stem, lift the

silvery blooms, cold-shined,

and sized (if held just so)

to hold the moon. We will sing, 

then, we’ll be full, on sips of tune; 

no bottom to this lagoon cupped

spoon by spoon, in voices,

not a one by tarnish ruined,

ballooning forth, a swoon 

of spoons, holding love, 

more love, see it there, 

soon, oh soon…

                    ----Sara Lewis Holmes (all rights reserved) 

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  1. Oh, Sara. Please try to write in rhyme more often, because this is stunning. "time is /
    upside-down too soon." A swoon of spoons. There is so much here I love, and it feels like the perfect marriage of form and content. The love of family, the joy to be found even as time grows short...I just love it.

  2. Ah, but it's in rhyme AND full of all the things you love in verse. Well done, you. And way to reflect your own moments of time and place, cupped in that silver, held just so, that carry these bittersweet sips of this gathering, this parting and meeting and parting again. What a beautiful way to hold all of this.

  3. LOVE your poem, Sara. So lovely and lyrical (you've made me even more of a spoon lover). I'm holding out my biggest spoon full of love, light and prayers for your mother-in-law and all of you.

  4. I love this so much, even more knowing the inspiration for it. The internal rhyme is so lovingly wound throughout the poem. It's such a lovely tribute to your mother-in-law.

  5. I love the poem about this well used item, the most used of all the utensils I believe. Such clever images and a tribute, also.

  6. Love this so much I thought of balancing a spoon on the nose or cheek. Spoons don't play with knoves is great.

  7. Sara your poem rolls and swirls and dances to the rhythm of your words. The rhyme, internal, and the alliterative turns make for a delightful read. The spoons danced to your tune...

  8. That sacred space of hospice care. I both sorry and glad that you get to be with your dear one in this time. Hospice has been so wonderful for my family on more than one occasion. What a lovely way to feed your mother in law with music and poetry. This poem, with all its rhyme is strong and sweet and lovely. A tribute. Thank you for letting us be with you in it.

  9. Lovely. More so knowing that this poem is feeding your mother-in-law, along with music. Thank you.

  10. Oh, Sara. This just begs to be read aloud -- what a shiny and generous little miracle you've created. And what a gift to your dear mother-in-law, rhyme and all...

  11. I agree with Liz - begging to be read aloud. It's a song - and a swirling stirring recipe of rhyme and wordplay. Just beautiful.

  12. Your poem is a spoonful of happiness and love and music.

  13. It's a loving poem for your mother-in-law, Sara. I can't imagine anything nicer than an ode to her, for her spoons. Every bit's wonderful but I do love "lift the

    silvery blooms, cold-shined,

    and sized (if held just so)

    to hold the moon." I'm happy you found this "metaphor".

  14. I've never been transported by a spoon drawer before but you accomplished it today, Sara. This is *beautiful* — every inch of it. And what a beautiful dedication to your mother-in-law.

  15. I never knew it before, but you're right - happiness IS a spoon!


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