Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A very short post

Erin challenged me to write my life in six words. I didn't have as much trouble with it as I thought I would. Here it is:

Girl raised by wild books: survives.

Want to try it? Consider yourself tagged.


  1. Love your short bio.
    As per New Yorker article - lots of fun
    off the top of my head
    mine might be:

    Lived in foreign parts: missed England

    one could have lots of short bios for different moods.
    Like sonnets - a formula forces you to be creative.......

  2. Love this, Sara! I won't consider myself tagged because I'd want to steal your bio--it's perfect.

  3. I love this. Even more points for you.

    I haven't created my six-word bio yet.

  4. Love love love it. Thanks for playing! :)

  5. "Single mom, again. Found wandering library."

  6. Okay - I will do this on my blog - check it out!

  7. Oh - here's the link:

  8. I have a weekly prompt and recently had "six-word memoir" as the subject:

    May I include yours on the list? If you are willing, just say so when you read that post at Weekend Wordsmith. I like yours. Mine is on that list already, along with the others. Some people, like Elizabeth who commented here, didn't stop at six words and submitted more than one 6-word memoir ... but that defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

  9. Oh my, it's easy to obsess over six little words. So many possibilities!

    "Ignored money, chose art; happiness resulted."

  10. Not dull – a phantasmagorical sleeper agent.

    (Just wanted to use that word).

    (Actually the second one could be my story, too.)

    (But not the third.)

    (Hush now.)

  11. Wife Mommy Daughter Sister Friend Student!

    Whew, I need a nap!

  12. These are all good. You guys are putting some heat behind these. Maybe I should drop you all back to THREE words or something, just to up the challenge level. :)

    Nick, I think you're already at the advanced level, with the prize for the most letters used, right?

  13. By slowing down mommy (she) finds more.

    Not sure if this is the right phrase but today it sure feels like it. By not overscheduling our lives we seem to have found more time to enjoy what we do and explore. But this one was the first thought in my head. Elizabeth is right though, I could have a myriad of bios.

  14. Here's mine:

    It's on my to do list.


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