Monday, July 21, 2008

Yes, I know it's going to be 94 degrees today

I printed out my revised manuscript. It's resting. I'll fine-tune it when I get back. But for now, out-of-town friends have informed me that I'm about to be kidnapped and taken golfing.*

* ...or as Mark Twain put it: "A good walk, ruined." At least I'll have my friends to talk to. And all this controversy to read when I get back.

Also, if you didn't see the marvelous discussion in the comments last Friday about YA poetry collections and novels in verse, go there now. You guys ROCK. I may have to gather and reprint the wonderfulness in a separate post.


  1. Nice swing! I'm trying to get my game back on this summer after two years without picking up a club. Alas, I am a lousy player (I would have gone right into that water, for sure....) but I enjoy it. I'm convincing myself all I need is a $300 Cobra driver that I am currently demo-ing and LOVE.

  2. I LIKE golfing, but will spend as much time in my little above ground pool as possible.

    God bless the H2O!

  3. I hope you had so, so, so much fun!


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