Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The post I didn't think I'd write

You know what's on the horizon? My blogversary!

(That's me, on the right, with serious cake face.)

On July 6, 2007, I started this blog (on a double-dog dare from Jules and Robin) with a post on a Poetry Friday. I called it Enter, because as I explained, the word "begin" has always "terrified and paralyzed me."

Little did I know that the word "blogversary" would also immobilize me. It's four days away and I haven't bought myself you a present. I haven't planned a surprise party. I haven't written a witty and tender post about my first year in Blogistan.

Worse, I'm about to go on a blog vacation! Family and a writer's retreat have claimed my attention, not to mention the final tweaks on my revisions. And of course, my blogversary falls on a weekend, when I lazily do not blog.

I feel like I'm standing in front of the rack of gift cards on Christmas Eve. Bath and Body Works? Victoria's Secret? Cheesecake Factory?

A year of blogging doesn't seem long enough for a retrospective celebration. But I'm doing it anyway. Unless you really want a 7-Eleven gift card.

The post with the most comments? Saying Yes with 33.

The shortest? The aptly named A Very Short Post. My life in six words.

Strangest title? An Anti-Chair Polemic.

Post with the most unexpected consequence? Out with the Cappuccino, In with the Mountain Dew. Without any help from me, the comments on that one gave birth to a whole new blog site for older boy readers: Guy Lit Wire. (I'm embarrassed when bloggers site or credit me for this. I was the ooze! Just the primordial ooze. Fabulous other bloggers evolved it.)

Post that mentions Elmer Fudd? Fight's on!

Post that gets strange search engine hits? Drop down and give me twenty! I think because I mention pushup bras.

Post that makes practical types gnash their teeth? Credo. Because it's most often found by a search on "how to write a credo." I don't think they want a poem that begins "I don't believe in..."

Post about nothing and everything? Where Ideas Come From. Coffee sludge, anyone? (Or if you prefer, Potato Chips and Coffee, in which I write a poem before your very eyes.)

Post truly about nothing? Empty as a Pocket with Nothing to Lose...

Favorite Big Question post? Am I Living my Life for an Audience? I virtually sit on Oprah's couch and refuse to give the right answer.

My best writing tips? Attention, all those in the waiting area: The importance of delay. Taking Out the Trash: How a cheap notebook enables me to write. It's All in the Manuscript: It's all in the title.

Post with the best shoes? At the prom... My interview at 7-Imps. (Side note: number of posts that mention shoes? 23!)

Most rewarding experiences of the year? Tie between Cybils judging and writing a crown sonnet with six other fabulous poets and co-blogging about exercise and writing with Liz.

Post I didn't think I'd write? Today's. A year. I've been blogging almost a year. I've published 287 posts. And made countless friends.

Thanks for making me feel at home in Blogistan. I promise to get you a present next year.


  1. Happy Blogversary!

    I'm toastin' ya!

  2. Aww, happy first year blogging! You've posted so much beauty and grace it's hard to imagine the blogosphere without ya. Cheers, cherie!

  3. YOU, are at least, using a spoon--okay, maybe holding a spoon...

  4. I was just thinking about you the other day, and how I wouldn't be blogging if not for you. Happy Blog Birthday!

    Serious cake face = poetic intensity. :)

  5. Happy almost blogiversary! Have your cake and eat it too.

  6. Happy blogiversary! Your blog has been such a treat to me. *claps for Sara*

  7. Happy blogversary! I have a hard time believing that it's only been a year. I feel like I've been reading your blog for ages (in a good way - like "how could I have managed without it?").

  8. Oh yay and excellent! Happy blogversary to the first blog I read every morning and the one I can't go without. (Just like I said in the intro of your interview over at our site...I wasn't exaggerating...well maybe about the Grim Reaper and the meteorite, but the rest is true.)

  9. P.S. Have a great blog-vacation.

  10. You give us a gift with your very presence in the kidlitosphere. And with every fantabulous poem you write. Happy Blogversary!

  11. Happy early blogiversary! To celebrate, I am taking up yesterday's challenge and will post my writing playlist tomorrow.... :)

  12. Happy birthday. I hope you at least had cake!

  13. Happy blogiversary! Your posts are often a highlight of my thinking mornings:>)

  14. Happy Blogoversity! You really rocked the web girlfriend.

  15. Happy Birthday Rosalind!

    Totus mundus agit histrionem

  16. Seriously? Why does it feel like you've been around a whole lot longer? You go out and buy yourselves a new pair of shoes to celebrate, sister, and we'll celebrate by reading back through 287 witty, smart, evocative, creative, lovely, loving, provocative, funny posts....

  17. Thanks for gracing us with your presence and wonderful words of wisdom. Happy Blogiversary!

  18. Happy Day!
    Have a great vacation!

  19. Happy Belated Blogversary, Sara!

  20. Sarah, many happy returns of the day!

  21. Well done! You right with the confidence of at least a three year blogger!

    (I also love Nickel Creek's Fox! Have you ever heard the Seeger family's very distinct version?)

  22. Glad you took Jules and me up on the double dare. Of course you did--you're fierce!

    Happy Blogversary, Sara! Great job!


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