Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Come and Get Your Love


I was at the gym, working out by hitting the heavy bag as I do in the winter when the outside world is grey and nasty. As I pummeled, what should come up on my iPod shuffle but the song "Come and Get Your Love." 

 Yeah, bag, come and get your love. Pow! Wham! 

It was the perfect comic book dialogue.  My face broke into a big smirk, like a goon.  If anyone saw, they probably thought:  What is wrong with her?

Then, of course, I had to relate it to writing.  What we hear in our heads makes us do the things we do, and when no one else can hear that, we appear out of sync.  We're happy when we should be sad, or calm when others expect furious. 

What are the emotional soundtracks we play to accompany our own lives?

What is your character hearing that no one else does? 

Both interesting ways to enter into a novel.

P.S.  I also inherited my daughter's hand-me down iPod mini, which I can now use to invent alter-egos in the car.  I'm dangerous. 


  1. For some un-analyzable reason, I like to workout to Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls. An affirmation, perhaps!

    Speaking of alter egos, I LOVE Zumba. Last night, as I shimmied/seizure-ed my way across the floor, I realized I was finally gettin my gangsta on. (the club chick persona in my head was definitely not dancing like my white-girl-in-a-body-cast real self.) who knew?

  2. I work out to LOUD LOUD LOUD, which I always think is funny because I don't necessary look loud at all.

    I love the question: what do your characters hear that no one else does?

  3. Thanks for sharing your soundtracks. It's like getting a listen through your earphones.

    And you're BOTH invited to my dance party. :)


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