Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So That's What Time Looks Like

One of my presents this year was high-tech:

Flip Mino HD

One was low-tech:

Retro-hip Magnetic Kitchen Timer***

Together, I used them to make this micro-movie, a reminder that time is, in fact, finite and comes to me in discrete, usable bits. (But you'll notice that in the movie, I'm still trying to manipulate it instead of patiently waiting. Grrr.)

My theme for 2009 is: Stay in the Moment.

I plan to use this little timer to be more productive in my writing life. To focus on doing a planned task well and with my full attention. To not only acknowledge that structure has a place in my life, but that it can be freeing as well.

To those of you far more accomplished at this than I, and indeed, looking for the opposite, i.e. less structure (Laura: Do nothing! Jama: Break Free!) I wish you well and hope you'll send your spare organized impulses my way. I also plan to crib these resolutions from Liz because she's wickedly inspiring in a non-judgmental way.

***Notice that this timer clearly bills itself as a "55 minute timer." I would not love it so much without that tiny rebellion against a world structured by the hour.


  1. We are on a blogging mind meld. Staying in the moment is the hardest thing for me. I bought myself a timer, and found one online, and my motto this year is "one thing at a time."

    Happy new year!

  2. OK. I am cracking up at you fussing with that clock. Cracking up.

    But I am with you thoroughly on the value of staying in the moment. It sounds like it should be easy?!?!??!?? Oi.

    I have faith in your centering, though. See it. Believe it.


  3. Stay in the moment. Easier said than done, but I will definitely try . . . :)!

    Cool retro timer, BTW. You could do hand commercials! :D

  4. I just did my first session with Ye Olde Cute Timer. You know what's funny? I jumped when it rang!

    Anyhow, it was lovely. Even the ticking was comforting.

  5. I love my FLIP! You're going to have fun with it!

    Love your theme. Mine is RESILIENCE!

    Happy New Year!


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