Monday, February 23, 2009

In Case You're Asleep Today

I'm still in the throes of work (plus I took a three day YogaFit workshop) so I find that I have nothing for you but another Rilke quote. But believe me, it's a spit ball right between the eyes.
"The admiration with with art hurls itself upon things (everything without exception) ought to be so impetuous, so forceful, and so radiant that the object has no time to recall its ugliness or depravity.” --- from the book, The Poet's Guide to Life: The Wisdom of Rilke, edited and translated by Ulrich Baer.
P.S. There's a blurb on the back of this book that reads: "Boy, Rilke is a kook. [...] I have to say that I love his point of view." ---Gus Van Sant, director of Good Will Hunting and My Own Private Idaho.


  1. HA!--that's a great blurb.

    Thanks for a lovely quote. Rilke is one of those people who grew on me over the years. My first encounter with him was an art-historical essay on Rodin that I remember agonizing over...I'd love to find that again and see if I feel the same way now.

  2. How funny, to call Rilke a kook! I think I need that book...

  3. Thanks for sharing this book--sounds like fun. I'm off to try to find it.


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