Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"It's National Poetry Month!" Quoth She (or He)

National Poetry Month starts tomorrow! Last year, I shared a poetry quote a day for all of April. If you missed that quote-a-thon, no worries. The posts are stored in my archive here.

This year, I plan to share more quotes as I find them (which might not be every day, but often enough to add substantially to that archive), as well as carry a poem in my pocket; read Helen Frost's structured verse novel, Crossing Stones, with my DC Kidlit Book Club; and enjoy the array of poetry events scheduled in the Kidlitosphere for the next 30 days, deliciously rounded up by Jama Rattigan right here.)

Oh, yes. And I'll be participating in Jama's month-long Poetry Potluck with a recipe and original poem.


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  1. I will be posting a poem a day throughout National Poetry Month too! I loved the exercise last year, and got a couple of decent poems out of it. Will check in here again to see how you're getting on! X


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