Thursday, March 4, 2010

On ignorance

"Whoever said "ignorance is bliss" was, perhaps, correct, but he or she was not a photographer." ---Jacquelynn Buck, blogging at The Journey

Jackie is asking the Big Question here: when is it okay to document the world's misery? Read her post and comment if you have a mind to.

This brings to mind the photographs from Sept. 11th that I saw as part of an exhibit at the Newseum. One was of a person jumping from the World Trade Center. I can't ever forget it.

In happier news, my book club has decided to read both the adult and one or more of the kid/YA versions of Three Cups of Tea. Which is a good thing in itself, but then my friend Quinn Byrnes wrote to say that her school read one of those kid editions, "Listen to the Wind," and planned a 100 Pennies for Peace project for the 100th day of school.

As Quinn said, "The best part is that the kids got it.  They knew why we were doing it.  It was for other kids to learn.  They were really moved by the thought that there are kids somewhere doing their math problems in the dirt with sticks." 

Here's to combatting ignorance, one penny, word, or photograph at a time. 


  1. Nice post, Sara. Amazing what children and young adults can do to change the world! Looking forward to book group, Amy

  2. One of my all-time favorites! We're doing the Pennies for Peace this year and reading the book as a literature circle selection.


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