Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bringing Biscuits to the Poetry Potluck

All month, Jama's hosting a Poetry Potluck at her blog, alphabet soup. I've been to several potlucks in my life, and I love 'em. Especially when someone brings deviled eggs, which I cherish eating but hate to make. I love the hodge-podge of my plate after I load it up; the way the sweetness of the cherry jello with marshmallows mixes into the tang of the chopped pork barbecue; the way the stiff bruschetta with olive tapenade cozies up to the puffy pigs-in-a-blanket; the way no one looks at you funny if you sample three kinds of pie and that homemade chocolate truffle-thingie dunked in powdered sugar.

Today, it's my turn to bring a dish and a poem to Jama's potluck. The thing about Jama, though, is whatever you bring---even humble biscuits---she turns it into a feast. She sets a beautiful table and arranges your offering with such grace and style and humor and love that it becomes something that feeds even you, the bringer. Thank you, Jama.

Here's the link to my poem, my recipe, and my "biscuit boys." Don't miss the entries to the Poetry Potluck so far, and don't leave without subscribing to alphabet soup. Why pass up a chance to be fed by Jama every single day?


  1. Loved your poem and its story so very much.

  2. I loved seeing your biscuit boys over at Jama's. The poem, the recipe, the photos... all made me drool and run to the kitchen. I used to love those brownie boxes with the little can of Hershey's syrup! Do you really have one you use to cut biscuits? I've never made biscuits with yeast though. I learned to make baking powder biscuits from my mom, and then re-learned the method with gluten free flours. I am curious about how they would turn out with yeast. Yours sure look delicious!


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