Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poetry Quote of the Day: Hugo Williams

"There is more, not less intensity in plainness, because simple stuff operates without the safety net of the poetical"---Hugo Williams, Strong Words, 2000, as compiled by Dennis O'Driscoll in Quote Poet Unquote
Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day. It's a simple thing: take a poem; put it in your pocket. See what happens.

I'll be carrying Marie Ponsot's "One is One," which I'll share with you on Poetry Friday tomorrow. What will you carry?

This post is part of a month-long celebration of not-quite-daily quotes about poets, poems, and poetry. For more quotes, see the archive of the Poetry Quote of the Day. There are many more National Poetry Month celebrations across the Kidlitosphere.


  1. Thanks for the reminder--I'd completely forgotten about this special occasion!

    I've pocketed "What Was Told, That," by Rumi:

  2. Ah, I like that. More intensity in plainness. Or: "Everything I'm not is all that I've got" (Sam Philips. Of course).....

  3. I am so sad that I messed up PinP this year. I am overwhelmed with finals and whatnot. Second grade teacher emailed me at the end of the day: "were we carrying poems today? My kids wanted to share..."

    It tore me up.


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