Thursday, June 17, 2010

Critique Groups: Kirby Larson Gathered the Questions, We Attempt the Answers

Kirby Larson has the first of two posts up today about critique groups. A twisty topic, I found, so go read how the other panelists and I tackled the questions---seriously, my fellow panelists offer detailed advice worthy of a book on the topic!--- and please---join the discussion.

Also, Nancy Kress (author of one of my favorite thought-provoking SF books, Beggars in Spain) is one of the writers-in-residence at the two-week Taos Toolbox Workshop. Every so often, she posts memorable quotes from their critique sessions. Highly amusing.

P.S. Part Two is now up.


  1. Thanks for the link to Kirby's post! I'm always curious how the critique group I'm in compares to's reassuring to hear that we're very much the same, despite meeting online. :)

  2. Appreciated the brainy folk interviewed -- interesting. We meet only online - but someday hope to have at least a yearly meeting... maybe if we someday all manage to get into the same country... *sigh*


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