Monday, September 27, 2010

Clutter's not clutter when you display it, right?

This summer, I ordered a 3' by 5' pinboard for my office. It seemed gigantic when it arrived.

But I'm filling it up.

Yes, I am.

Ooh, shiny. 


  1. Hey! I recognize that Caldecott dinner program. I'm thinking of putting mine in a scrapbook.
    Your whole bulletin board looks great! How inspiring.

  2. I'm not very crafty, but pinning things to a board, I can do!

    That Newbery/Caldecott program was amazing. I had to put the lion where I could see him while I work.

    I'm trying for a mix of words and pictures and objects; anything that reminds me of all the good in my life.

  3. Oh, now see? I need one of those. I just tape things to the back of the office door, and that's not working for much longer.

    Shiny, indeed!


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