Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shutters Open

A camera phone is a useful tool for me as a writer. Mostly because I tend to have it bouncing around in my pocket, whereas a regular camera is usually at home, its shutter carefully closed, on my dresser. I use mine

. . . to take pictures of books that I might want to read/buy/investigate further

This one, of course, goes in the
Operation Yes/fun improv ideas pile

. . . to save bits of interesting language

Old-timey advertisement at Cracker Barrel.
I zoomed in because . . .

. . . the "Tally-ho horn" made me laugh.
One of my characters might need a tally-ho horn one day.

. . . to provide writing inspiration

Come on, isn't "bring 'em back alive" a pertinent reminder
not to overwork your revision? Or to go out there and nab
a great story in the first place?

. . . to marvel at how things in my books are essential to people's daily lives

That's right. Banana pudding (featured in Operation Yes)
is so popular and valued that there is a whole DAY devoted to it.

 . . . to record critical details, such as who I am.

Okay, I cheated. This photo was actually taken by Sonya Sones.
She was doing dozens of author photos at the SCBWI LA conference
and wanted to make sure the right photo got sent to the right name and face later.
But the principle stands. More on my new author photo tomorrow.

What writerly things do you use your camera for?

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  1. I of course read the list before looking at the caption, and the "Tally Ho Horn" was by far my favorite thing on that list.

    My phone's camera isn't particularly good, something I will be more careful about next time I change cell phones. Because I'd like better photos, and, like you, seldom have my camera in tow.


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