Friday, October 1, 2010

Poetry Friday: Banned Books Week Edition

short article about the history of banned poetry is posted at I found it amusing that Shel Silverstein's How Not to Have to Dry the Dishes was considered subversive. Really, dish-drying tikes are devious in their avoidery all on their own. (Avoidery = the intricate task of avoiding an onerous task without seeming to do so; related to embroidery, the verbal embellishment of facts used to cover for the same.)

Surely there is more banned poetry. After all, a poem can be committed to memory, unlike most books. And when banned words enter your brain, well...


Blessed, blessed
are you, for

will make you weep
when the light hits the grass
in the morning.
I will make you crave
conversation like red
meat, lay you
weak, at the feet
of strangers. I will open
lives like vistas
before you
that you will never

beautiful thing
will come to you and press
against your flesh.
There is nothing
that will not call
your name, nothing
that you will not long
to possess, nothing
that will not offer up red
kisses, coupling,
seeping into the roots
of the world.

will deceive you,
tell you all you need is a
mouthful, but in truth,
I know the desire
I infect you with is
See, how the red shoes
I bind to you prick
your feet,
hungry for the beat
and sway
of word upon word.

Blessed, oh! blessed
are you.

---Sara Lewis Holmes (all rights reserved)

Poetry Friday is hosted today by Jennie at Biblio File.


  1. ::sigh:: I still just love this poem, it just ... sings.

  2. What a great poem Sara. Thank you for sharing it with us on such a gloomy Friday morning.

  3. Oh how I love this poem! You have made me weep in deed at how the light hits the text this morning.

  4. Yes, the desire for all of life (including red meat, red shoes and red red kisses) is boundless!

  5. Sara, I love the secretive, sepulchral(?) feel of this. I especially love that last stanza before the ending. Infect away!


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