Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Dog Rule

This is brilliant: the "dog rule" for journal keeping as revealed by Author Erica Perl in the Washington Post.

Back in 2008, I called it "taking out the trash" and then "magpie intelligence," but I like "the dog rule" better. Much better.


  1. Eat it first, figure out what it was later! Great rule for writing (not so good for eating... luckily Lucy had a cast iron stomach!).

    Thanks, Sara!


  2. That is a really good rule for me! I hate keeping a messy journal and it has stopped me writing a bunch of times. I am going to have to give up that desire for a good looking journal and have more patience with myself. Thanks for posting this today!

  3. Thanks for linking to your two earlier posts, and to Erica's site. I always tell myself that my messiness is a sign of creativity, nice to know I might be right! I use those spiral notebooks, too, because it feels like it's okay to make a mess in them. Maybe one day I'll be confident enough in my writing and my process to get one of those beautiful journals and totally trash it.


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