Friday, October 21, 2011

Poetry Friday: Bad Taste

I don't want to be accused of bad taste here at Read Write Believe---




Out of a desire to find a poem to pay tribute to Jama, hostess of Poetry Friday today---and insatiable consumer of poetry and delectable food---I lazily googled "cooking poem."

Oh, my.

Jama, I'm sorry.

Today I must serve these overbaked goodies.

First Course:

 Ye Muses nine inspire
    And stir up my poetic fire;
    Teach my burning soul to speak
    With a bubble and a squeak!

Second Course:

Light of triumph in her eyes,
Eleanor her apron ties;
As she pushes back her sleeves,
High resolve her bosom heaves.
Hasten, cook! impel the fire
To the pace of her desire;
As you hope to save your soul,
Bring a virgin casserole...


We shou’d submit our Treats to Criticks’ View,
And every prudent Cook shou’d read Bossu.
Judgment provides the Meat in Season fit,
Which by the Genius drest, its Sauce is Wit.
Good Beef for Men, Pudding for Youth and Age,
Come up to the decorum of the Stage.
The Critick strikes out all that is not just,
And ’tis even so the Butler chips his Crust.
Poets and Pastry Cooks will be the same,
Since both of them their Images must frame.
Chimera’s from the Poet’s Fancy flow:
The Cook contrives his Shapes in real Dough.

Quick! Run to Jama's and cleanse your palate!


  1. Delicious, just delicious, Sara.

  2. Good thing I have on my industrial strength bib! Seems we were both the victims of "bad taste" this week, as I had just cruised through those poems recently, too. Still mulling over that virgin casserole :). . .

    Thanks for the "delicious" three course meal, Sara!

  3. Yum and burp for overbaked goodies. Nicely shared. :)

  4. where does that come from, that need to reorder the sentence so that it ends with a rhyming verb?


    bad taste indeed. off to scape my tongue and cleanse the spirit with some lemon tea.


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