Thursday, October 18, 2007

Did one thing lead to another?

Quickly: Last Friday, many of you left juicy lines of original poetry in the comments section for anyone to pick up and use. I'm re-printing them here, in case some readers missed them, and to say: Hey! Did anyone create anything out of these or was it just fun to read them all, like flipping through a gourmet food catalog?

jama: "this poem is eating you..."

"There is a picture of us
as children
(without any sorrow)"

Kelly Fineman: "Brown is the new black," she said.

Liz in Ink: "As if it were crude or flawed"

Susan: "Zeno and friends went out to play,"

TadMack: "Three Uncles went to Vietnam,"

Mary Witzl: "He moves with studied elegance
and practiced, conscious style"

Katie Alender:
"Today is a shirt
That does not fit."

Laura Salas: "Surrender to the river"

And mine: "She had the knack of folding paper so that it reflected light..."

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