Sunday, October 28, 2007

Little Criminals and Robert's Snow: Week Three

What my niece thinks about battling her cancer:

The remaining tumor cells in her body (are) "little criminals" and we need to "round them up and put them in jail before they become big criminals".

Here's the schedule for this week's flurry of interviews with illustrators. As previously, this early schedule links to the participating blogs, instead of to the individual posts. You can find links to the posts themselves, and any last-minute updates, each morning at 7-Imp. Jules and Eisha have also set up a special page at 7-Imp containing a comprehensive list of links to the profiles posted so far.

Monday, October 29

Tuesday, October 30

Wednesday, October 31

Thursday, November 1

Friday, November 2

Saturday, November 3

Sunday, November 4

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