Monday, December 10, 2007

The Boxer from the Drawing Club

What's the point of writing about something that's been written about a thousand times? (I'm talking fiction here.)

This is why:

Because no two people stand at the same place in the circle.
Because what you choose to see is important.
Because I only get to live one life. If I can read what you write about, I get to cheat a little.

Go here to see how students in the Drawing Club interpret a 5-10 minute pose of "The Boxer."


  1. Hi Sara- Great post-- I love that your reasons can apply to all the arts. I've recently found your blog and am enjoying it immensely!

  2. This is great. This is one thing I love about picture books, too -- the artists' interpretation. What Trina Schart Hyman did with Little Red Riding Hood and then what James Marshall did with Little Red Riding Hood and how they are two entirely different books. Same text. Different artists.

    Jules, 7-Imp

  3. Welcome, Jennifer! Sometimes I find I get MORE inspiration outside my chosen field than in it. And I learn so much from other artists.

    Yeah, jules. Isn't that fun? And did you notice how most of the boxer sketches kept a pop of red in them?

  4. Enjoyed looking at the sketches. It's all about individual stamp. I get a lot of inspiration from the visual arts, too. Tons of it from music.

  5. Thanks for this reminder...interpretation is key.

  6. The Drawing Club looks awesome! Almost--but not quite--makes me wish I still lived in SoCal...

    This is such a wonderfully encouraging post, and really reminds me why I write AND draw. Thank you.


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