Thursday, December 6, 2007

To The Edge of the Forest

I know you're going to read the latest issue of The Edge of the Forest. I mean, Anne Levy interviews Jane Yolen and Kim Winters profiles Esther Hershenhorn. You don't want to miss that. Then there's Little Willow, talking about "Books That Opened Your Eyes" and MotherReader on "Bedtime with the Cybils" and lots and lots of great reviews and oh yes.... there's me, being interviewed by Kelly Herold as this month's "Blogging Writer." She made me look pretty good with her impressive questions, yes she did.

Go on now, go read everything---and I do mean everything---in this fabulous magazine. (One of my favorite parts is Kid Picks, where kids talk about what they're reading.) I don't expect to see you back here for several hours. Days, even.

But when you do saunter back from The Edge of the Forest, I have a small follow-up to my interview posted below. You see, Kelly tricked me by asking about my "Rules For Blogging," and after I made them up on the spot, I've got to stick by them. So here they are:

1. No meanness.
2. Be useful.
3. Show your passion.
4. Be not afraid.
I hope to do just that. Thanks for your support.

P.S. Comments on Blogger were wonky yesterday. I wasn't getting email notification when some of you left comments, but I think I found them anyway and tried to reply. Also, if you chose the "send me follow-up comments by email" option for a particular post, I don't think that was working either. It still may not be. I think the "subscribe to comments" feed is working, though. I hope they get this straightened out soon, because I love the back-and-forth of talking with all of you! It's one of the reasons I became a "Blogging Writer" in the first place.


  1. What a great interview and so great to read about your NEW BOOK!

    -- Jules, 7-Imp

  2. Great interview. Love your picture. Love the chair--I saw one like that one a year ago and have been saving up for two. Love the heels.

    I am so impressed with how your book won the Ursula Nordstrom Fiction Prize. Wa-hoot!

  3. (Bowing) Simply scrumptious interview! (Is that a Mitchell Gold leather arm chair?)

    You could hurt someone with those sassy heels, too.

    I love your blogging rules and reading about the contest and the coffee and chocolate milk, and, oh, everything . . .

    Remember, if not for your blog, I probably wouldn't have started mine.

  4. Started to read your interview and was interupted by some kid crisis (no pink nail polish? out of Pop-Tarts? fishhook in finger? who remembers?), but promise to get back to it in the relative quiet that is my day at work.

    I couldn't live by your first blogging rule, though, and I hope that you don't think less of me for it.

  5. No worries, MotherReader. Meanness is NOT the same thing as biting wit and the well-placed poke in a celebrity's eye. Meanness doesn't have your sense of humor, for one thing.

  6. Yay for the interview. I particularly enjoyed the early sketch. Hurrah for the forthcoming book. Great rules! You will have email shortly...

  7. Just to be clear: the forthcoming book is still a WIP. But I hope to have more news about it soon. And thanks for all the good wishes and encouragement!

  8. I loved the interview, and, for the record, I am so glad you decided to become a Blogging Writer. This blog is one of my favorite Internet stops.

    (And, OMG, those shoes in the photo are AMAZING. Who took that shot? 'Tis excellent.)

  9. LOVE your blog, and I found it quite by accident on when I saw your awesome interview. I look forward to being a frequent visitor! Donna Koppelman

  10. Donna! 'bout time, girl.

    Adrienne: the photo is by Jackie Buck, the same photographer that did my author photo for the book, and the one here at the top of the blog, and the one over at A Cast of One. She's great, huh? Here's my post, introducing her.


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