Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Call for teen deployment advice

I received this email yesterday. If any of you know military teens, please encourage them to share their wisdom with other teens.


Military Child Education Coalition’s

The Military Child Education Coalition is excited to announce its plans to print a publication about teenagers’ experiences during the deployment of a loved one. Tens of thousands of teenagers have watched their loved ones deploy for extended periods of time since September 11, 2001 and yet there are few resources in print focused on the experiences of teenagers during these challenging times. We at the MCEC know that teens are most likely to listen to the wisdom and advice of other teens, and there is no one better qualified to offer advice about deployment than the teens that have experienced it. We would like to gather their insights, ideas and wisdom in a publication that can be shared with other teens and the adults who support them. This publication will be by teens for teens!

Our intention is to gather information (via the attached questionnaire) from the full spectrum of teenagers, who come from all military dependent backgrounds: Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy - Active Duty, National Guard, and Reservists. We urge you to share the attached form with any and all teens you know who have weathered the deployment(s) of parents, siblings and other loved ones. The greater the number of responses we receive from military-connected teenagers, the better this publication will be.

The MCEC wants to give military-connected teenagers a great publication about deployment. Help us make this goal a success!

Please direct any questions regarding the Call for Teen Deployment Advice to Joan Barrett.

WHO: Teenagers who were between the ages of 12-20 when
their loved one deployed (deployments since 9-11-01)

WHAT: Advice and Experience regarding their experiences
during the deployment of a loved one

HOW: Fill out attached questionnaire and return to
Joan Barrett


Director of Research and Evaluation
(816) 746-7966

The MCEC™ Staff

You can email Joan at the address above for a copy of the questionnaire, or if you'd rather go through me, I downloaded a copy from the original email and can send it to you myself.

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