Thursday, February 7, 2008

I still haven't found what I'm searching for....

Remember that series Liz and I did on "The Exercise of Writing"? It has given this blog a new cachet. I'm now found by readers who search on:

"hooter girls in a giant grocery cart"

"aerobic string leotard"

"Push ups are not helping"

I'm sorry about that last one. Perhaps if you tried doing them in a string leotard inside a giant grocery cart?


  1. "hooter girls in a giant grocery cart"

    are you serious?

    now, there's a novel waiting to be written, too.

    jules, 7-Imp

  2. Hooter girls? I don't know what you mean :).

    Did you know February is National Return Supermarket Grocery Carts month? I remember that was on your NO SOUP list.

    I think Jules should write a book very soon.

  3. Jules, I'm with jama: YOU write that one. :)

    And now that I look more closely, I see that that search string actually comes from the post about bookstores and boys. I mentioned a Calvin and Hobbes strip where Calvin is in a grocery cart saying: "Now run down the aisle and LET GO!" And Hooter-type clerks were mentioned too, although definitely not in grocery carts.

  4. So, what's wrong with searching for "hooter girls in giant grocery carts"? Why, just last night I was trying on my hooter uniform and practicing sitting in my grocery cart, when....


    Funny post, Sara!

  5. The Internet is really weird. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but if you Google "how many calories are in fried dough," is the second site that comes up. I get a surprising number of hits from this search.

  6. It's always risky to take on a new topic area, you know, search string wise. I can't tell you how much wrong, wrong traffic I get from the heading of weird-ass picture books.

    On the plus side, the search strings have tons of potential for poetry, band names, or general mockery.

  7. Hah! I know just what you mean. You wouldn't believe how many people want to find nut poems. And how many want to be able to use "ze" in Scrabble.

    motherreader, that's unnerving!

  8. I'm regularly amazed and amused by what people are googling for, and by the searches that land them on my blog.


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