Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Forward, back, round and round

I believe Kelly Fineman could teach a duck to dance. Yesterday, she lucidly explained how a poet revises. If you don't think that's harder than waltzing with a web-footed wannabe, try it yourself.

Not only that, her post makes you want to drop everything, seize your latest draft and do the poetic two-step that is revision. One word in, two words out. Forward, back, round and round.

That's what I did last night. Danced with my YA poetry manuscript. Thanks, Kelly!

Kelly also invited everyone to revise this prose sentence with her:
Today I walked through the woods as the light faded, heedless of nature until a rustling noise drew my attention to a litter of raccoons near the stream.

Here's my attempt:

Woods, near dark.

mottled shadows

pocketing light
from unsuspecting


Now: Read her post and try it yourself. Ducks and everybody.


  1. Rustlers is the correct answer, even if it is raccoons. Well done!

    And thank you for your kind words.

  2. I love your analogy of revision as dance. I posted my own version of Kelly's sentence at


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