Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthday Box

My sister made me a beautiful box for my birthday.

I wanted to show her how much I enjoyed it, so I took photos of the box, including some of me playing with the mirror on the bottom of it, and turned it into a mini-movie. (The writing at the beginning is on the inside walls of the box, and it's from letters I've sent to her over the years.)

In case you can't play the movie, here are a few more still images:


  1. How lovely and what a great idea!

    What material is the box made from?

  2. It's heavy paper, maybe cardboard underneath? The bottom is purple felt, and there are buttons, rick-rack, and other fun bits of frou-frou decorating it.

  3. Gorgeous and beautiful!! Love the mini movie and the photo of you two at the end.

  4. Beautiful! What a great sister!


  5. Does that mean a Happy Birthday wish is in order? If so, hope you have/did have/will have a great one.

  6. you and your sis feel about each other the way my sis and I do.
    it is poignant and delicious...


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