Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On Break

I love it when my daughter is home, because she shares cool science/art links like this:

The 2007 Periodic Table Printmaking Project.

Check out the way cool wolf-element Tungsten...or volfram, if you're Swedish.

I'll keep an eye out for comments, but mostly, I'll be taking a blog vacation to be with her. :)


  1. Thank you, dear. I needed to spend that twenty minutes just singing out the names of the elements. Can you imagine how eagerly you'd learn the elements if you have that in your classroom?!

    MAN, this is cool. I have a sudden urge to be a chem major. Or at least carve up a potato and do some batik prints.

    Happy Daughter Days.

  2. Sara,

    Enjoy your time with your daughter.

    I love that Periodic Table Printmaking Project. What a great creative art/science project that would be to do with kids who were learning about the elements in school.

  3. Thanks for sharing! My high-schooler just started studying the periodic table this year... I sent him the link. Enjoy your break!

  4. Okay, whoa. You just for the FIRST TIME EVER made me interested in the table of elements. That is some serious cool there.

    Enjoy the time with your daughter!


  5. Very cool! Our junior high does something in 9th grade (I think) where the kids make their own periodic table on any theme they want, but it all has to be cohesive and interact together. So there are Candy periodic tables, Harry Potter periodic tables, Music periodic tables, etc. Hard to explain, cool to see.

    Have fun with your daughter!

  6. Wow. It's about time science is made beautiful and intriguing for students.

    Enjoy time with your daughter and Happy Mother's Day.

  7. Enjoy your break! Happy Mother's Day!

    My eye went RIGHT to the wolf before I even saw your link to it. Gmork.


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