Thursday, May 1, 2008

What's in a Name?

I would write a blog entry today, but I have to entertain this crowd:

Pen Name: Lloyd N. Reepacheep

Blues name: Bowlegged Peaches Lincoln

Hobbit Name: Ruby Grubb of Little Delving

Elf Name: Merenwen Ar-Feiniel

Peculiar Aristocratic Title: Her Most Noble Lady Sara the Unique of Wimblish upon Frognaze

What should I feed them, Tadmack?


  1. Oh, yeah! The marquee! *smacks forehead* The meal definitely needs a scrolling menu.

    Can I love the name Lloyd N. Reepacheep more? I have no idea what he writes, but it sounds like he eats things that wriggle... Hm. I'm thinking you can't go wrong with a nice clear soup and a fuit salad for the lot; we know Hobbits love to eat, elves like sweets, and aristocrats and blues players both keep very polite company and will eat what's put before them and then talk about you to their friends later. (Or, if you're lucky, write a song about you.)

    Definitely a nice cold soup and a fruit salad, for starters. Things might get dicey from there. Are Hobbits vegetarians?

  2. Now that I think about it, I think I'll just kick them all out and invite YOU over, TadMack. :)

  3. OMIGOD, BEST POST EVER! I am so in love with the fact that you chose "bowlegged" for your disorder / ailment / whatever they call it.

    I am fond of "scurvy" for a name, but when Eisha and I played the blues-name game a long time ago with some friends, our friend Darrien snagged that one before I could. I think I got "rickets," though.

    (with all due respect to people suffering from bowleggedness, rickets, or scurvy, of course. Yeesh, I'm awful).

    Your pen name is FABOO. And the hobbit name almost made me spit-take my coffee.

    And look at that beautiful marquee tag!


  4. The marquee was just for you, Jules, just for you. :)

    And yeah, isn't my hobbit name GREAT? Other people got flowers and fluffs, and I'm grubby!

  5. I like the "unique" in your aristocratic title. I just went to do that, and it wasn't much fun in that they generate it for you. Plus, I got "toothsome."

    But now I'm off to try my hobbit name.

    Jules, who is so going to call Eisha "Pansy Danderfluff" from now on

  6. For the Aristocratic Name generator, you have to pick "Get another title," and then you can enter your own name and get a much better moniker. (I've always wanted to use moniker in a sentence.)

  7. I think my Hobbit name is pretty tough, though. I mean, yeah, I'm a flower, but I'm a BRAMBLEROSE Loamsdown. I can has thorns AND dirt!

  8. Rather belatedly, I'd just like to say OMG you guys crack me up.


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