Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gifts for Readers and Writers-Part IV

Part IV in my (sometimes silly) series of gift ideas for readers and writers.

Limited edition Rat Fink pen (Aren't all writers ratting out something or someone---if only ourselves---when we put pen to page?)

8 days a week planners (Now that's handy. Why didn't I think of just adding an extra "someday" to my work week?)

Melting Snowmen cannister set. (Show, don't tell? Okay, I'm pushing it with this idea, but I wanted to show you these!)

Hyperbole is the BEST thing ever! T-shirt (Isn't it, though?)

Thanks to Velocity for the first three items, the Mental Floss store for the last one.


  1. I want the 8-days-a-week planner (though now the Beatles song will be stuck in my head all night). But maybe, I'd add days, like "probably never," "due yesterday," and "If I feel like it."

  2. Love those melting snowmen! No surprise, huh?

  3. O MY GOD! Has Adrienne seen that last tee shirt? She needs that, and I do, too, since I'm always getting accused of hyperbole...but, hey, it could be worse. Better than getting accused of a lack of enthusiasm, right?

    But anyway, Adrienne's always saying "best thing ever." She. needs. that.

  4. I ordered the t-shirt IMMEDIATELY, along with an "Idioms are for the birds" t-shirt because I'm not sure how I've lived so long without that one, either.

  5. Jacqui: "if I feel like it" yeah, that would get me in trouble. So would "probably never," although it would feel good to be honest about it.

    Jama, if those snowmen show up in your kitchen, I want to know!

    Jules and Adrienne: YAY! Isn't it great when you see something a friend would love and then they DO love it and they DO get it and then they DO post a picture of themselves wearing it? Right, Adrienne...?

  6. Perhaps I'll take the aforementioned photo next to my hyperbolic sunflowers, which are now practically looking into the second-story windows of my house.

  7. Isn't it great when a friend finds something great like that?

    I can't go too long without that hyperbole shirt. And the idioms one? Gotta see that one. In college, we had to interpret into ASL a set of idioms every week (seeing as how a lot of idioms get flat-out dropped in ASL, and since the meaning gets interpreted, you better by God understand 'em), and we called them "idiots." I love a good idiom, but analyzing them to death every week is not not not fun.

  8. OMG, I want those canisters! and the 8 day a week calendar! Why don't all calendars have this? Brilliant!


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