Monday, November 17, 2008

What is the Worst Problem Writers Face Today?

I took an Authors Guild survey, mostly about health care and financial issues that affect writers. But one question stopped me cold:

What is the worst problem writers face today?

I had trouble answering this. 

Writers have been imprisoned.

and yes, 
Celebrated, Read and Adored.

What's your answer to this impossible question?

P.S.  Consider this my plug for the Authors Guild. Whatever the worst problem turns out to be, they are probably already battling it. They reviewed my first contract before I had an agent and they helped me set up my website in about two days.  They just won a huge settlement with Google to share online profits with writers. They help writers in financial or legal trouble. They run free seminars. Their quarterly bulletin is juicy reading. And Judy Blume is the VP of the board


  1. Yes, yes, yes. Voicing writing concerns is as important as voting - the future and value of intellectual property.

    But other than writing concerns, I dropped by to say hello, having seen you on Miss Erin's blog - we met when readergirlz was interviewing at the LA conference - I was the one in the green dress. :)

  2. Hey, Holly! I remember you! Thanks for dropping by. I agree that writers need to be serious about advocating for our futures, but I also appreciate that the AG makes it kind of hip, too. The bulletin has an extended roundup of cool news and zippy quotes called "Along Publishers Row." I always feel connected after reading it.

  3. Hi Sara! Just catching up on some posts below. That is so AWESOME about your smarty-pants daughter! To have a kid who's an astrophysicist! That's like, the ultimate top bragging rights. Brain surgeon and astrophysicist. I can't really think of anything more boast-worthy. I hope she has an awesome time in Paris!

    And thanks for the info on the author's guild. I've never really looked into them before.

  4. Never really considered all the risks writers take, but it makes sense. Writers sometimes risk a lot, even there own lives to publish their thoughts. Thanks for the reminder. I will be checking out the Author's guild.


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