Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Books, Horses and Camp: A Way to Give Thanks and Give Back

My niece, Emily, has been battling cancer for over two years now. But that's not all she's been doing. She's modeled in a show for Flashes of Hope, raised money for Rainbow Hospital and starred in a video for Flying Horse Farms.  I feel downright lazy next to her.

So here's what I'm doing:  starting a library of camp and horse related books for Flying Horse Farms.  Flying Horse Farms is a magical, transforming and fun camp for children with serious illnesses and their families. It's an Ohio based 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and working to become a member of Hole in the Wall Camps, the world’s largest family of camps for children with serious illnesses.   

I talked with the director, and he said that rather than one central library, he would love to have books available at several spots around the camp---the stables, the craft room, the main activity hall, the cabins, maybe even the dining hall.

The books would be...

For kids to read while they wait for their turn on a horse.
For kids who suddenly discover they love pottery or archery or fishing and want to know everything about it. 
For kids to share and discuss a cool quote or an inspirational person during nightly reflection times.
For kids who need a fast idea for a drama skit, or a nature craft, or a easy recipe.
For kids who need to rest.
For kids who love to read.
For kids who are kids and want to be kids and must be kids even if a serious illness complicates their lives.

If you want to help, here are some suggestions:

  • I've set up a wish list on Amazon.  You can choose a book and donate it directly from there.  The list is small now, but it will grow as the campers and counselors and the director add new requests to it.
  • You can blog about your favorite camp or horse related book. I'll round up those posts here, plus forward them to the director and consult them in expanding the Wish List. (Little Willow already did this. Thanks, LW!) Feel free to copy this entire post or use the button I'm putting in my sidebar.
  • If you're an author or illustrator or publisher or blogger with a camp or horse related book, you can donate directly to the camp, but please remember that the camp serves kids ages 7-15  and your donation should reflect the needs of the camp. (Please, in all cases, only NEW books.)

    Questions?  Email me at:

Here's a list of activities at camp:

Arts & Crafts
Adventure (teambuilding)
Sports & Games

Fiction is also welcome, but at this time, we're concentrating on stories with horses in them. Once the camp is fully up and running, I'll add other fiction requests from the campers and counselors.   

The address for donations:

Flying Horse Farms
225 Green Meadows Drive South, Suite A
Lewis Center, Ohio 43035

Thank you! 

Edited to add: Many of you have emailed privately to say you're supporting FHF, and I thank you profoundly.  

Bloggers who've posted about Flying Horse Farms:


  1. what a great organization! Thanks for sharing your personal story.

  2. Done. :)

    Your niece is inspiring, as are you. Thanks for sharing her story -- and for the privilege of participating in your project. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...

  3. What a great idea! I heard about it from LW. :)

  4. A fabulous idea! Thanks for the info.

  5. Your neice is beautiful!! And what a wonderful cause. Thanks so much for posting this info. I'll go and check it out.

  6. Thank you all so much for supporting Emily and other kids who are battling it out with cancer each day. I'm thankful to you for reading this and considering it. Sometimes, I feel at a loss as to what to do to help her, but you remind me that each little thing counts---even a warm comment here. Thank you so much.

  7. I love this and will think HORSE HORSE HORSE...

  8. Sara,
    Sorry I'm late finding out about this, but I'm glad you sent the email to the kidlitoshpere to remind us. I have posted your email on my blog and will be looking for books to donate. I hope the posting helps to get the word out. Best of luck to your neice!

  9. I blogged a review of my donation and linked to you today: The Last Black King of the Kentucky Derby. I love this project!

  10. Sara, It's fabulous idea! Your nice is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your story Horse and Camp


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