Monday, November 10, 2008


A visual representation of writer's block:

Found via VSL (Very Short List)*

*Thanks, Ruth!


  1. This isn't a record of your current state of mind, is it? Hope not!

    (Don't you wish there was a little "ding" when you got the right words?)

  2. I love that DING! too. But no, I'm not (currently) stuck...just amused by this.

  3. I like how the WHOLE WORLD got unstuck when he did. Wow. If only.

    That was a very good "show not tell, a la Barbara O'Connor" ending, too!

  4. That was lovely. It does feel like that. Or when an idea is almost there, it would be nice to put everything on pause for a moment.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  5. This so captures the essence of being stuck, and the release (relief?) that comes with finding your way through it.

    I'm so glad this doesn't describe your current state of affairs!

  6. Hmmm. When I get stuck I don't really get stuck... it's more like just really bad ideas come out of the goo slowly and I just wish they'd go away and come back with a good idea.

    But - I will agree that once a really good clear idea comes it's an awesome feeling... For me it's almost immediately accompanied by, "Well, everyone probably already thought of that."

    Such a self confident lot are we...

  7. Oh, incidentally, if you want to try to figure something out that may not "figureoutable" go see "Synecdoche, New York"

    Puzzlifically weird fun.

  8. I love that.

    For some reason, the video doesn't come up for me in your post, and for a moment I thought your "visual representation of writer's block" was just blankness, whiteness (that's what I see). Fortunately, I clicked on the link.

    But then whiteness/blankness works, too.

  9. And all for a cake. I guess there's no backspace key for the pastry chef.


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