Friday, November 7, 2008

Poetry Friday: Roger Bonair-Agard

I discovered that has an Open-Door Poetry series, with short videos of poets reading from their work. I haven't had time to explore everything, but here's a taste of the riches there: two-time National Poetry Slam champion Roger Bonair-Agard's poem, earth and God.

earth and God
(for Hudley Vincent de Paul Bonair)

This is not a poem about cricket
except my grandfather was once young
and fast and black and when he was 80
I saw him wield a bat
with such fearsomeness that we all
stopped our game and watched him
run and swing and swing again

and it's probably unimportant
that this was no game to him
chasing down the bigger boy
beating me up on the street
in the middle of the game
where my mouth had gotten me in trouble again

Go here to hear the poet read the rest of the poem aloud in his beautiful Trinidad and Tobago cadence. The "Read Along" link will give you the full text of the poem, which will be published in his 2009 collection, Gully, but don't skip listening to it!

Poetry Friday is hosted today by Jone at Check It Out.


  1. Oh, my. What a gorgeous, gorgeous... wow. His voice, the words, the love he had -- and the care for his Poppy, with his trust in that razor/throat relationship. Wow. And at 80, still running and being amazing.

  2. Oh my Lord in Heaven. I am in tears. Sara what a gold mine you've shown us. Thank you!

  3. Powerful and beautiful! Thanks for pointing us to this great feature. I'd love to attend more poetry slams!

  4. One more thing I'll never be in my life (on the list right after classical guitarist): National Poetry Slam champion. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the ones who are! Thanks for this poem and video!!!

  5. I was needing a poem today and hoping I would come here and find something lovely, and here it is. Thanks!

  6. I'm hoping more people will raid that treasure chest over at Borders and share on Poetry Friday. There's something intimate and powerful in hearing poets read their own work.

  7. Wow, a treasure trove indeed! Thank you, Sara!


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