Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Now that's creepy...

Ghosts of Halloweens past:

My husband and I as hippies. Not too scary.
(He's more convincing than I am.)

As Antony and Cleopatra
(Again, not scary, except for the snake
and whatever is on my feet.)

I was going to post more, but I'm terrified of this:

Don't click on that link unless you want to see
a slide show of EVERY PICTURE that has been
recently uploaded to Blogger---and here's the scary part---
without the blogger explicitly asking them to do it

Does anyone else find this disturbing? Creepy? Yes, I'll admit, it's cool. But I could see it turning into one endless advertisement, when some entrepreneur figures out all they have to do is continually upload images of their products to have them beamed all over the world in real time. Or what if someone has a picture of you or your kids that you don't want broadcast throughout cyberspace? Scary. I smell a lawsuit soon.

And then there's me, who's perfectly willing to upload a frightening picture of me and my husband as Sonny and Cher, but not if I know people in Nairobi will be laughing at it.

Oh well, we ARE in disguise.

I've got you, babe...


  1. Hysterical...
    The photos -- not the Blogger uploading invasion! Sheesh.
    We went as Da Vinci and Mona Lisa one year. Fun, except I had to carry a great big gilt frame around all night...

  2. Love these photos (Antony and Cleo is my favorite)!You are quite the drama queen.

  3. Y'all made very cute hippies. Now, question. Are you wearing these to Halloween parties? Out grocery shopping? New-shoe shopping? Just wondering.

  4. Laura, just for that smart comment, I'm daring you to post a few Halloween photos of your own. Or what you wear to the grocery store. Either one. :)

  5. Auuuuuggggghhhhhh!!! I am scared now! I can't believe Blogger does that with the pictures.

    Happy Halloween and thanks for the scare!

  6. Oh my gosh--you make a great Cher! I am Red Riding Hood this year, per usual, so I don't frighten the children at the library. (One of the Pages asked me today why that would be a problem.)

  7. Every time I tossed my hair with that wig, it got caught in my earrings. I don't know how Cher does it...

  8. Oh, Cher had the hair tossing down to an art form, remember? I'm sure she must have practiced in front of her dressing room mirrors.

  9. That Sonny and Cher costume is hilarious. You guys are so cute. Rob and I haven't had much luck with the couple costumes. The one time we tried--as plastic surgeon and breast implant recipient--it just wasn't received as well as we hoped. Oh well. We thought it was funny.

  10. Hee, hee. You guys were funny. Who knows? Maybe there were more fakes at that party than you thought.

  11. Look at you two! I love it.


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