Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Contest: The Art of Being a Military Child

I received this contest notice before the holidays, but I waited to post it because I thought it might get overlooked by teachers, parents and librarians who were already overwhelmed. But now it's a new year, with new projects, and if you know any child who is connected to the military in any way (active duty, reserve, guard, etc.) please make sure they see this. And if you think you don't know any military kids, put it out there anyway. The military connection may not be obvious, but it's a big part of some children's lives.

The Art of Being a Military Child
Artwork • Film • Writing

This unique contest is open to all military-connected children, kindergarten through high school. If you're a teacher or librarian, you might consider downloading and printing out the contest flyer so it can be posted at your school or library.

Suggested topics are:

• Parents
• The cultures you’ve experienced
• Family
• Helping your community
• Military lifestyle
• Transitions/changes
• The life lessons you’ve learned
• Your wishes, hopes, and dreams
• All the people you’ve met

  • Selected submissions in the visual arts will be featured in art exhibits at the Military Child Education Coalition's 10th Annual Conference. Art may also appear in the conference program, annual calendar, the MCEC’s On the Move magazine, or other MCEC publications.
  • Selected film entries will be considered for the “Reel Military” Youth Film and Video Festival at the Military Child Education Coalition’s 10th Annual Conference.
  • Selected poetry will be published in the Military Child Education Coalition’s 10th Annual Conference program, the MCEC’s On The Move magazine, annual calendar or other MCEC publications.

Go here to download a PDF of the rules. Contest deadline is March 3, 2008. You can call the Military Child Education Coalition (a non-profit that I support) with any questions: (254) 953-1923.

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