Monday, January 21, 2008

The Exercise of Writing: Liz takes off


There goes Liz... blogging about skiing and writing, and running and writing, and just what she and I could possibly mean by the "physicality of writing." My favorite SWOOSH? This one:

"My own big fat prize.

Not the Olympics.

Not a college scholarship.

Just the totally exhilarating sense of working hard at something and makin’ it happen."

Go on and take your writer self for a run down Liz's mountain. She's an excellent guide.

The full schedule for our week of co-blogging is here. I'll be back tomorrow...gotta go catch up with Liz now. Dang, that girl's a blur!


  1. Love what Liz had to say. And I think it's great that you two are collaborating! Sweet!

  2. Tee hee...
    This is kinda fun, hunh?
    Can't wait to visit you tomorrow!


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